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Anonymous Female said in November 6th, 2008 at 10:29 am

I had a dream the other night that I was trying to cross bridges, but something…or someone kept getting in my way. The last bridge I tried to cross…my husband got in the way and I woke up with the name of the bridge in my mind–and mad at my husband. The bridge was called the “Lacy Peterson” bridge. It was disturbing…
Hope this is ok to send anonymous. Thanks!

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admin said in November 6th, 2008 at 12:06 pm

Thank you for submitting your dream. Here is my initial response . You have a strong heart for Justice issues. It seems that you may be feeling frustrated at the fact that you feel like certain issues are not being resolved in a just way. Your husband getting in the way on the last bridge could mean that you may feel he just does not understand the drive that is within you to seek justice and resolve issues. Guard your relationship and extend grace until he is in a position to understand your heart.
I will continue to seek the Lord and if there is more I will respond with more. If this does or does not resonates with you please leave a comment. It will help refine my discernment and encourage others.

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denise said in April 7th, 2010 at 10:48 am

hi i had a dream on april 2nd 2010 and in my dream i went to the mailbox and in the mailbox there was a whole lot of mail and in the stack of mail and as i was searching through the mail 2 evelopes from the soical sercuity office had fell on the ground and i picked it up went in the house and waited for my kids to come home and we went cashed it and i had enough to pay my bills, buy my children clothes,buy a car and a home and even send 1000.00 for my tithes .but i dont know if the checks was for my son or me all i seen on the checks was it was to me for and thats it

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admin said in April 17th, 2010 at 4:00 pm

I would lean to saying this dream is about where you are right now. It is an encouraging dream where I believe Father God is letting you know he will take care of you needs. He is your social security and will provide. The letter falling out of the mail could indicate that you are worried about things and that the Lord is pointing out two things. I am not sure as to your relationship with your children but I sense the Lord saying in the dream that while you are waiting for them to come home, that means they are coming home, and when they do you will be able to look back and see Gods provision for you and your family. There are promises God has given you that you have invested in as well and you will see the fruit of that.

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bert10 said in May 14th, 2010 at 10:03 am

as a child I have had many dreams of my basement and someone or something trying to get me. Even up until I moved out I was always fearful and felt an awful presence down there. I am 31 now and I continue to have dreams of my old basement. But since I became a Christian 10 years ago and as I have grown spiritually, I became less fearful and more bold in rebuking and praying in the spirit against that evil presence in my dreams. They always end with me just waking up and the presence is gone. Over the years it seems I am more bolder and confident with God’s protection and power in me in these dreams than in real life. My last dream was different though. I was fed up and tired of consistently having these dreams and not having that presence gone completely. I went directly to where the presence was the strongest to search for the object or whatever it was that was causing it. I could not find it, but I was determined to. I Don’t know if God is preparing me first in my dreams to use me in this area in real life. If it has something to do with that home. I am minutes away from where I grew up and a young family lives there. But I know there is a reason for them. I believe that before I was a Christian the devil wanted to torment me with fear through these dreams, but now I feel God has turned it around for His glory in some way.

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admin said in September 30th, 2010 at 11:32 am

First let me apologize for taking so long to get to this.
Usually dreams of basements represent issues happening beneath the surface. I see fear as a predominant issue in your note. The Fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. The fear you are experiencing is a tormenting kind that is stealing your peace. We know that the enemy is the thief and Jesus is the Prince of Peace. The fact that in your dream you could not find anything the place where you felt the presence the strongest could suggest that this fear has no real basis. I think the enemy is using a lie to empower the fear in your life. I would suggest asking Holy Spirit to show you the lie and then give you the grace to dismantle it. It can be said in some cases that the enemy uses thing like this to stop us moving forward into our destiny.
I pray the Holy Spirit of God will break off any agreement you have with a spirit of fear and release you into the Liberty that is so freely found in Christ Jesus.
Also ask Father God to show you in what way this fear exposes a way in which you may not trust or believe Him and His protection for you.
Be blessed mighty man of God!!!

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